Fortumo scholarship for University of Tartu IT students — Tartu Ülikooli Sihtasutus
Fortumo Mobile Payments company will give the scholarship of 10 000 euros to five IT students from the University of Tartu.

Professor of Software Engineering Marlon Dumas noticed, that Fortumo's scholarships could not come at a better time. „On the one hand we have a phenomenal generation of bright students motivated to become sophisticated world-class IT professionals. On the other hand, we have a growing ecosystem of companies developing innovative and high value-added IT products.“

He said that in the environment like that, every single IT student who drops out of studies due to financial difficulties is a huge long-term loss for the Estonian economy. It is one less sophisticated IT professional in three years time. It is one less key employee for a growing company.

„We call on the Estonian IT sector to contribute to the development of this valuable generation of IT students. Students will surely appreciate initiatives like Fortumo's one, and reward such visionary companies by joining their ranks in future,“ said Dumas.

Read more about the scholarship: http://sihtasutus.ut.eefund/fortumo-stipendium/ (in Estonian at the moment).

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