The 2024 Professor Peeter Tulviste prize — Tartu Ülikooli Sihtasutus

The 2024 Professor Peeter Tulviste prize

Description of Scholarship:

The purpose of the memorial fund is to recognize and value research activities among the teaching staff, research workers and students of the University of Tartu and in society as a whole.


The amount of the scholarship is 5000 EUR.

Full Eligibility Requirements:

The recipient of the prize must be a person up to 40 years of age (who has a master's or doctoral degree) studying or working at the University of Tartu, whose research has made a significant contribution to the understanding of man’s cultural nature.

The candidate's research can combine different scientific fields and combine research methodologies in a new way. The prize is awarded for high-level research work published in the previous three years.

How to Apply:

  • Applicant must submit an electronic application which includes the reasons for applying for the Scholarship (the lines concerning the budget and the description of the current economic situation in point 4 of the application form may be left blank)
  • an overview of the research work published or submitted for publication in the previous three years and a justification of how it meets the criteria set out in p. 6 of the statute (included in the application form);
  • the recommendation of the supervising teacher (included in the application form);
  • other documents deemed necessary by the applicant.

Deadline to Apply:

January the 15th 2024

Scholarship will be awarded:

At the Independence Day of Estonia ceremony held in the university hall.

The scholarship will be paid out after signing the contract with the University of Tartu Foundation.

For further information please contact