The 2023 Fund of XRP Ledger Trust Scholarship (autumn semester) — Tartu Ülikooli Sihtasutus

The 2023 Fund of XRP Ledger Trust Scholarship (autumn semester)

Description of Scholarship:

The scholarship aims to explore and develop innovative uses of decentralized technologies, such as the XRP Ledger, to address societal and environmental challenges such as supply chain management, cross-border remittances, legal implications, decentralized marketplaces, digital payments, fraud prevention, IoT systems, renewable energy, etc.

The goal is to promote sustainability and social impact while enhancing transparency, accountability, security, and efficiency. The scholarship supports technology development or legal and regulatory frameworks for governance and sustainability. Ultimately, the scholarship aims to advance understanding of decentralized technologies' potential to solve complex problems.


The amount of the Bachelor student scholarship is 1,500 euros, Master’s students are granted 2,000 euros. Every year, 4-5 scholarships are awarded to the students of each level.

Full Eligibility Requirements:

All students of the University of Tartu (incl. Master’s level) may apply for the scholarship whose research is related to the field of digital economy.  

How to Apply:

The documents to be submitted by the applicants to the University of Tartu Foundation by the announced due date are as follows:

  • an application for the scholarship (electronic form on the Foundation’s web page);
  • an outline for a research project and explanation on how it relates to the field of digital economy (up to 2 pages) or a file containing the scientific publication;
  • a certificate attesting to the applicant’s study results;
  • a letter of recommendation from a supervising teaching staff member.

Deadline to Apply:

October 16th 2023

Scholarship will be awarded:

The scholarship will be paid out after signing the contract with the University of Tartu Foundation.


Examples of researches related to transition to digital economy:

a) creation of technology solutions that leverage the XRP Ledger. For example utility payments, retail payments, collection of donations, forensic analysis, integration with autonomous devices/vehicles;

b) study and create papers that are applicable to the legal context of decentralized technologies such as the XRP Ledger. For example multi country, decentralized (no governing party), frameworks for AML.

More information about the XRP Ledger can be found at