The 2020 Scholarship for visiting professors from the Estonian Diaspora — Tartu Ülikooli Sihtasutus

The 2020 Scholarship for visiting professors from the Estonian Diaspora

Description of Scholarship:

The programme for visiting professors from the Estonian Diaspora has been created to promote collaboration between  the academic community of the University of Tartu with top researchers and professors of Estonian descent from around the world.  


One scholarship in the amount of 50 000 EUR.

Full Eligibility Requirements:

To qualify for the scholarship the applicant must be a  professor or a researchers  of Estonian descent, who works at a university or research institution outside of Estonia.

The qualifying visiting Estonian professor shall have the opportunity to:

  • participate in teaching and conducting research at the university;
  • deliver public lectures at the university;
  • popularise their field of research in Estonia and at the University of Tartu;
  • by mutual agreement participate in the work of all faculties and institutions of the university;
  • participate as an expert or visitor in the work of committees and council with an advisory vote.
In  selecting the qualifying Estonian visiting professor, the scholarship committee shall take into account the alignment of the applicant’s academic work with the strategic plans of both the University of Tartu and the individual  faculties of the university.  The awarding of the scholarship shall be based on the applicant’s professional qualifications, achievements and reputation as well as their  alignment with the priority research areas submitted by the faculties of the University of Tartu.

How to Apply:

Applicants for the scholarship must submit to the management board of the Foundation a letter of application together with additional materials as appropriate and must include at a minimum:

  • curriculum vitae (including information about the applicant’s current and past experience, an overview of the applicant’s education and academic background and a description of their professional specialities and activities);
  • an overview of their planned activities at the University of Tartu;
  • approval by the host faculty at the University of Tartu.

Deadline to Apply:

October 1st 2020

Scholarship will be awarded:

The recipients of the Scholarship are publicly announced in the course celebrating the anniversary of the University of Tartu on December.

For further information please contact, tel 737 5852 või 55 540 773 (Triin Vakker)