The 2018 Jaan Einasto Scholarship — Tartu Ülikooli Sihtasutus

The 2018 Jaan Einasto Scholarship

Description of Scholarship:

The aim of the Fund is to improve the innovative development of Estonia by supporting international collaboration between the University of Tartu, Tartu Observatory, and other universities and science institutions around the world in the field of astronomy and space technology and by supporting the popularization of knowledge in order to develop a scientific worldview among the youth.


One scholarship in the amount of 2000 EUR.

Full Eligibility Requirements:

Those eligible to apply include PhD students or researchers from the University of Tartu or from the Tartu Observatory who are transferring to a foreign university, as well ass doctoral students or young researchers (up to 40 years old, inclusive) from foreign universities who are coming to perform research at the University of Tartu and whose research is related to astronomy or space technology.

The scholarship is determined on the basis of the applicant’s achievements in the field, the substantiality and innovation of the research, and the planned purpose for the scholarship.

How to Apply:

  • an electronic application form containing an overview of academic and social activities, a recommendation from a supervisor, a budget for the planned research, the sources and amounts of co-financing;
  • an overview of the planned scientific or research study (add to the electronic application);
  • an overview of the planned activity popularizing science (add to the electronic application);
  • a recommendation from the faculty dean or institution's director (a recommendation is a part of the electronic application);
  • for UT doctoral students and researchers, a confirmation from the host university or institution about starting the studies or research (add to the electronic application).

Deadline to Apply:

May 1st 2018

Scholarship will be awarded:

The recipients of the Scholarship are publicly announced at the beginning of June.

For further information please contact, tel 737 5852 või 55 540 773 (Triin Vakker)