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Establish a new scholarship

The University of Tartu Foundation distributes scholarships to students as well as to researchers and lecturers. Scholarships help talented students to focus on their studies and on gaining knowledge, and provide an opportunity to recognise outstanding UT researchers and lecturers.

Thanks to the contributions of more than 100 supporters, we have been able to award more than 1,000 scholarships and recognise the studies and research work of students and researchers with more than 1.6 million euros.

By creating a scholarship in your own name or the name of your company, you:

  • help create the best opportunities for students to focus on their studies;
  • create contact with talented students and outstanding researchers;
  • contribute to shaping the future of the University of Tartu and Estonia;
  • get a chance to introduce your company.

There are several ways to create a named scholarship:

  • starting from 50,000 euros, it is possible to set up a named scholarship fund, the resources of which will then be managed by the foundation, and the scholarships will be paid out of the returns on the investment of the fund;
  • with smaller amounts, it is possible to set up a scholarship fund, which will be managed by the foundation, but from which the scholarships will be paid out each year in the agreed amount until the fund's resources are exhausted.

The rules for the use of the scholarship are set out in the statute. The statute allows the supporter to determine to whom the scholarship is addressed and what conditions the scholarship holder should meet.

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