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Teacher training scholarship of the Goodwill Fund
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The scholarship supports successful full-time students from all the teacher training programmes at the University of Tartu.


1. The Rector of the University of Tartu, Prof. Volli Kalm, (hereinafter supporter) establishes a scholarship for a student studying in a teacher training programme.

2. The University of Tartu Foundation (hereinafter foundation) announces the scholarship competition every academic year (in the years 2012–2016) one month before the deadline for applications, i.e. 1 November.

3. The foundation uses 10% of the amount of the scholarship for managing the scholarship.

4. The supporter funds the scholarship during his entire term of office with monthly payments to the account of the foundation at SEB bank, account number 10102026293006, with the keyword “õpetajakoolituse stipendium” (teacher training scholarship) by the 5th of each month. The schedule of payments (Annex 1) is an integral part of these conditions.

5. The size of the scholarship is €1,350 (one thousand, three hundred and fifty) per academic year, which is paid as monthly payments of equal size within 10 months (September to June) on the 10th of each month. The scholarship for the fall semester (September to December) is paid out in full in December.

6. All successful full-time students from all the teacher training programmes at the University of Tartu who are in need of economic support and who meet the criteria specified in clause 11 of the Goodwill Fund statute (students from large disadvantaged families, students from families with one parent and many school-age children or students without parental support) can apply for the scholarship.

7. The scholarship can be applied for repeatedly.

8. To apply for the scholarship, the following must be submitted to the management board of the foundation before the announced deadline:

·      an electronic application on the website of the foundation;

·      data on the size and composition of the family;

·      in the case of first-year bachelor’s students, a copy of the results report of the upper secondary school graduation certificate.

9. The academic performance and the economic state of the applicant are taken into consideration when determining the recipient of the scholarship.

10. The foundation and the recipient of the scholarship enter into a contract, which states the obligations of the recipient to the payer and a reporting obligation to the foundation.

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