The University of Tartu Foundation was established to mediate the targeted economic support to addressees in the university or those related to the university. The activity of the Foundation is determined by the interests of the university and those committed to supporting the university. First and foremost, the Foundation helps to develop the relations between the university and enterprises, local governments, various organisations and private persons.

The objective of the University of Tartu Foundation is to support the scientific and educational activities and studies of individuals related to the university by creating scholarships and awards.

The Foundation follows the needs of the University of Tartu in all of its priority activities and all of its investments are carried out according to the Development and Operation Plan of the University of Tartu.


University of Tartu Foundation:

  • Collects donations from Estonia and elsewhere for the University of Tartu and endeavours related to the university;
  • Gives out awards and scholarships;
  • Mediates support for specific purposes for projects related to the university;
  • Finances research programmes;
  • Organises the investment of reserves and scholarship capital, as well as management of the investment portfolio;
  • Arranges the funds and assets received as a support in an economically reasonable manner, taking into account the other objectives of the Foundation and the Development and Operation Plan of the University of Tartu.