General guidelines

To apply for a scholarship, choose the appropriate one for you by clicking on the suitable field on the Main Page or Scholarship Calendar that is located under the “Apply for a scholarship” button.

By clicking on the “Apply” button, the scholarship application will be opened.

As a first step, we suggest that you download the application form in order to fill it out comfortably on your computer and later add it to your scholarship application.

If a scholarship requires additional documents (an essay, summary of a scientific thesis, résumé, written confirmation of the host university, etc.) then you can also add them to your scholarship application.

For the reference letter, you must write the name and e-mail address of the referrer in the specific field. Upon confirming the application, the system sends this address an e-mail asking the referrer to write a reference for the application to the specific scholarship. It is advisable to agree upon this referral with the person making it beforehand.

When all necessary documents are entered and the application is confirmed, then the system lets you know that the application has been successfully submitted.

You can apply to several scholarships but can be awarded to only one in a semester.

You can direct all questions to the e-mail addresses of the Foundation or call the phone numbers listed on the Main Page.

Good luck!

Your UT Foundation